BIO: Chloe Isherwood, born in Frimley, Surrey.

I became interested in photography quite late actually, picking up my first camera in 2009.

My first shoot was with model and stunt-performer, Kiera Gould, and it was that day I found my love for photography.

Since then I have worked extensively, shooting for models, jewellery designers, fashion designers, authors, film crews, make-up artists, actors, families, small companies, large companies, musicians, other photographers and much more, resulting in the purchase of my own studio equipment and ultimately, the set up of my own business in 2012.

Over this time, I have also found my preferred subjects, those being fashion, advertising, beauty, film and music as I enjoy the creativity involved in all of these.

I aim to have my very own photography studio one day where I can create to my heart’s content.

Awards, publications and media

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